Day: June 9, 2024

inflatable PVC manufacturer 2024

Posted on June 9, 2024 in Manufacturing by Drago Ivan

PVC tarpaulin for tent provider today: PVC film is divided into transparent PVC film, opaque PVC film, translucent PVC film and so on. Transparent PVC film is made of high-quality PVC resin and additives, which give it excellent clarity and transparency. It is typically used in packaging applications where visibility of the contents is important, […]

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Top confectionery machine provider

Posted on June 9, 2024 in Manufacturing by Alex Teodor

Top confectionery equipment provider: The gummy syrup will flow into molds and be molded into various shapes to create the gummy. This process requires entering a cooling tunnel for cooling and solidification. The cooling process is crucial to ensure that the gummy retains its shape and texture and is ready for packaging. As the fondant […]

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